Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dance Tip of the Day: To Warm Up or Not?

Shannon Thomas
Today's Tip is from one of our dance instructor, Shannon Thomas.

Q: Why is it so important to do a warm up before dance performances and competitions?

A thorough warm up is necessary before performing any physical activity, especially in the art of dance and performance.  When dancing, you are not only using your powerhouse muscles, like the quadriceps, glutes and abdominal muscles.  You are using all of the little tiny connecting muscles in the hip joints, neck, shoulders, feet, and knees.  Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the body from head to toe before a performance or rigorous dance classes.

A proper warm up for a dancer should consist of cardio, plies, tendus, ron de jambes, stretching, leg swings/battements, petit allegro and then progressions across the floor pertaining to the pending performance.  Wearing proper warm up sweats and attire is also key to maintain the warm up as your performance goes on.

Written by Shannon Thomas


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