Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Benefits Of Learning To Dance For One's Health And Social Life

Most people like the feel of their bodies moving according to a specific rhythm. Others prefer doing it in private while some get hyped up with the presence of other people. Dancing is an activity that encompasses age, gender and social structures. In addition to that, one gets access to the many benefits of learning to dance.

Dance is basically the movement of one's body, anyone can actually dance or formally learn to dance. There are no restrictions in terms of how old or young a person can be to enjoy the benefits of dance.  In fact, more and more people are starting to realize and fully benefit from the good things that dancing brings. For one, it is highly entertaining compared to the gym routines that eventually tend to be boring. In addition to that, it really puts the entire body to work. In fact, one can burn a minimum of 400 calories when dancing continuously for about half an hour.

A standout health-related benefit of dancing is flexibility. This is acquired eventually as one works from one movement to another in a dance routine. Aside from the set stretching exercises at the start of every dance class, most of the steps when dancing actually help in developing and continuously improving one's overall flexibility.

Another one of the many healthy benefits of learning to dance is endurance. Since dancing is a physical activity, it makes the body work for a period of time. As one gets to dance more and more, the muscles gain the ability to work longer over time.

As dancing exercises the body physically, it also works on the social skills in every individual. Except for those who prefer dancing in private, most dancers get to enjoy their favorite moves in the presence of others or while performing for others. Some join dance classes while others simply love to go out dancing.

Because humans are sociable by nature, it is common to people meet other people who share the same love and passion for dance moves as they are. Whether it is ballet or the more social dancing clubs, they give individuals a chance to move their bodies to the beat and at the same time meet some new acquaintances and possibly even develop lasting relationships and friendships.

There are also people who find relaxation and peace of mind in dancing. This is mostly related to ballet dancing, ballroom dancing and modern dancing. Other people, on the other hand, find dancing as the perfect way of expressing what they truly feel inside such as in krumping and other similar street styles of dance. Still for some others, dancing is a way of life. It helps say what is hard to say. It helps do what is hard to do. It can build confidence and define their individuality. With the many benefits of learning to dance, there is no doubt that this is one activity every individual should try out at least once in their lifetime!
Written by Shannon Thomas

Monday, December 6, 2010

Congratulations ADC Dancers on a successful Christmas Show

We would like to congratulate the dancers and staff of our brand new Christmas Show "12 Days of Christmas!"  Over 100 ADC dancers performed to a sold out theater at Embry-Riddle on Sunday December 5th.  The show not only had elegant swans and cute french hens, we also had a guest performance opening number, "Hot Chocolate" from Dance Depot in Umatilla!   

We would like to thank the parents, dancers and volunteers who made this show possible!  ADC is lucky to be a part of such a great community of people always willing to lend a helping hand!  Looking forward to upcoming holiday performances at New Smyrna Beach Showdoll Christmas Show, Spruce Creek High School Dance Show, and the Ormond Beach Parade!  

If you are looking for dance classes and dance lessons in the Daytona Beach or Ormond Beach area, contact Amanda's Dance Center at our below or call us!  :)

"It's About More Than Dance, It's About Enriching Lives..."