Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Brief History of Amanda's Dance Center...

Amanda Bell, as Owner and Director of Amanda's Dance Center, completed her 14th year of ownership of the Daytona Beach Dance Studio.  The studio, formerly known as Debco School of Dance under the direction of Miss Deborah Coe, has been in business for a combination of 30 years. The first ten years in New York and the last twenty in Daytona Beach. Mrs. Bell was a student of Deborah Coe's and is proud to carry on the tradition of up-to-date dance training of the highest quality, in the Daytona area, offering BALLET, TAP, JAZZ, ACRO, TUMBLING , HIP-HOP, & POINTE to students starting at the age of 3. We now own a Ormond Beach Dance Studio since 2007 and are excited to grow!  

The studio also offers Kindermusik classes, (by licensed instructor David), to parents and children up to age 3.  We base our center around on a strong ballet technique and encourage our students to study all styles of dance.  We do not consider ourselves a competition studio, we feel competition is fun and a great to work towards a goal, but we keep our standards high to produce quality versus quantity. 

Amanda is a long time member of Florida Dance Masters, Incorporated; a group dedicated to keeping very high the standards of dance education in the state. She has been a workshop instructor and special guest choreographer for FDM's workshop and performance company; Main Attraction.

Amanda's students can be seen performing locally and nationally. Some have worked and performed with Disney, The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, Sesame Street, Silvertree Productions, The Joffrey, Moscow, Orlando and Civic Ballets, and even as finalists on the first season of FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why choose this Daytona Beach Dance Studio?

What makes Amanda's Dance Center Different? 

It is the philosophy of Amanda's Dance Center that being involved in the music and dance arts helps to round out the total educational experience offered by the school, parents, and community. Each student is offered the opportunity to gain appreciation, fulfillment, and self-reward through the classes offered. With an emphasis on technique rather than trophies, we look to provide quality, up to date, and professional dance training that will serve the students well and prepare them for the future. Whether the student takes classes as a hobby, or to eventually pursue a career in the arts, the discipline required in the performing arts classes helps develop skills in concentration, problem solving, teamwork, public speaking, self-reliance, initiative, coordination, self-confidence, and sensitivity. These skills not only enhance the students' future, but positively affect their schoolwork, relationships, and self image. We look forward to helping our students develop these important skills.
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